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7" & 9" Curved Blade
Includes Nylon Sheath 
(We believe selling a knife without a sheath is like selling a car without the tires)
U.S. Patent No. 8,592,711
Customize your knife with laser engraving for an additional $9.95 

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A Blade that WON'T RUST - An Edge that WON'T QUIT

All Titanium Blade Fillet Knives

HEKE™ (High Endurance Knife Edge)

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We believe this is the last knife you will ever need to buy.  Built with a comfortable handle design and a lightweight blade that remains sharp after many uses, this knife is unlike any other. 

Our knives rarely need sharpening.  However, if a sharper blade is desired, this can easily be accomplished with a few light strokes using any common knife sharpening tool on one side of the blade to regain its sharp edge.

Our titanium blades do not rust, corrode or lose their sharp cutting edges quickly. At Titan Knife Technologies, We want to make sure you are always sharp while cutting and slicing, so we created a fillet knife for just that purpose.

Many of our customers tell us that our fillet knife is the best they have ever used because it fillets with precision and rarely, if ever, needs to be sharpened.  As a fisherman, no one wants to add sharpening a knife between fillets to the list of things to do following a day of fishing. They also tell us that because it is always sharp and because it never rusts, they use it for many other applications. It works great as a kitchen knife or chef’s knife and its flexibility makes it ideal for use as a field dressing knife or skinning knife.  Because of its extreme durability and the strength of Titanium as compared to other metals commonly used in other knives, it can be used in the field as a hunting knife, a camping knife, a utility knife, a general-purpose knife, or an all-around companion knife.  At Titan Knife Technologies, LLC, we are very proud of our knives. They are hand made in the USA, with the best materials, and incorporate improvements based on recommendations from our customers that make each knife more efficient at performing the task it was designed to accomplish.